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World Chambers Competition

The World Chambers Competition started in 2003 and is an integral part of the World Chambers Congress. Organised by the ICC World Chambers Federation, it is the only global award that recognises the most innovative projects undertaken by chambers of commerce and industry. In highlighting the success of local initiatives, the Competition serves to inspire the creation of pioneering and beneficial chamber solutions for business communities worldwide.

  • The Competition platform is now closed.
  • Once selected, shortlisted finalists of each category will present their pioneering projects at the Congress.
The Competition categories

Best Chamber Model Innovation project

Recognising chambers that have worked with Chamber Model Innovation (CMI) framework. The CMI enables Chambers to become resilient and forward looking by harnessing power of data and designing services that meet customers’ needs.

Best gender equality project

Recognising chambers that have implemented successful gender balance initiatives, showing positive outcomes for the sustainable development of chambers and/or their local communities.

Best partnership project

Recognising chambers that have led partnerships with public, private or other stakeholders that successfully advance multilateral objectives.

Best unconventional project

Recognising chambers that have developed unique and pioneering innovative projects in an activity not typically associated with their everyday mission and objectives, while increasing job creation and enhancing local economies.


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