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Future Congresses

ICC and WCF are dedicated to global outreach. As such, we believe it is essential that the Congress, taking place every two years, is held in a different region of the world on each occasion. In rotating the event’s location, it is easier for all of our international delegates to attend at least once. If your chamber is interested inco-organising a World Chambers Congress (WCC)in your country,pleasefollow theWCCBid Guidelines.

The candidates for the14th World Chambers Congress (Asia-Pacific, 2025) are

  • China Chamber of International Commerce, China;
  • Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Australia.

The15th World Chambers Congress will take place in the Americas in 2027. Send your letter of interest to lea.puteaux@iccwbo.org before 2025 to take part in the Congress bidding process, noting that it is never too early to get to know us and the Congress better.

The Congress over the years:

The Congress provides unparalleled opportunities to connect and strengthen relations with a diverse and international group of individuals representing more than 100+ countries. It is a valuable and dynamic forum facilitating the exchange of real-world ideas and best practices in both chamber and business activities and it has been growing ever since its launch in 1999.

For more facts and figures about the 12WCC in Dubai in 2021, click here.


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